– Welcome to my homepage! I’m Dmitry, and I’m a NYC-
based developer, architect, designer, just a creative person.

– Throughout my career, that spans for over a two decades, I have
gained a vast array of skills and became knowledgeable in
many areas of the modern internet technologies and software
development. I offer my clients dedicated quality services in
variety of fields – web and mobile development, software
architecture and business analysis, artificial intelligence,
graphic and web design, motion media production, project
management. I employ the most advanced technologies on the
market and make my clients benefit from the excellent new
technologies. I’m knowledgeable with Python, Go, Java,
JavaScript and more.

– Since childhood, I was a very audial and visual person. Having
a perfect pitch prompted me to enroll into a music college and
study violin. Now, I use my musical and visual skills to produce
sound tracks and visual intros. For this I use Avid Sibelius, FL
Studio, Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D, 3DS Max and Sony Vegas.

– I have a vast range of interests – knowledge is everything to me,
learning new things every day is an imperative I follow. I try
my best to learn something new every day.

– My clients benefit from the most advanced technologies out there.
I do my best to be up to date with technologies and skills. Never
shy of complexities and tight boundaries, I do my best to deliver.
Thank you for visiting me.

The best way to reach me is cell (718) 404 6471 or dmitryro[a]gmail.com