Dmitry Roitman – Resume 

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150 West End Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11235  |  Phone: 718 404 6471   |


I have 20 years of professional application development experience using Python, Java, Go, Scala. Interested in an ambitions software position that will fully utilize my professional and personal resources, allow gaining new experiences and share my skills and knowledge with the others.

Technical Skills:

  • Python (Django, Django Rest Framework, Flask, Tornado, Twisted, UWSGI) – 10 years
  • Infrastructure – AWS, ELK, Docker, Kubernetes – 5 years
  • Software Architecture  (10 years)
  • J2EE/Java development – Tomcat, JBoss, Weblogic, Websphere, Kafka (8 years).
  • Scala development – Akka (3 years).
  • Data Orchestration: Airflow (3 years)
  • Golang (5 Years)
  • System Administration, bash scripting – RHEL/Fedora, Debian/Ubuntu, BSD (20 years).
  • Scientific Python: NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, Keras, Theano, Tensorflow, Blocks, Sympy
  • Data Science: Mathematical Modeling, Functional Analysis, Multivariate Calculus, Linear Algebra, Statistics, Combinatorics (20 years)
  • FrontEnd Technologies – js (2 years),  Angular (4 years), JQuery(7 years), ReactJS (4 years), Grunt (4 years), Bower (4 years), HTML5/ CSS3, WebGL (5 years)
  • MVC Frameworks: Django (10 year), Flask (6 years) , Symfony (3 years), Spring (5 years)
  • NoSQL: Redis (6 years), CouchDB (2 years),Neo4J (2 years)
  • Drupal (versions 5,6,7 – full stack of Drupal-related technologies – developing custom modules, theming, maintenance, Drush/Features, architecture, deployment) (5 years).
  • RDBMS – PostgreSQL (6 years) ,Oracle (5 years), MySQL (10 Years)
  • SOA –SOAP, Axis , REST (Django Rest Framework, Restless, Tastypie, suds) (5 years).
  • ORM Frameworks – Hibernate (4 years), Django ORM (4 years), SQLAlchemy (2 years)
  • Security: Kerberos, OpenSSL, SELinux, RSA, LDAP, OAuth2 (10 years)
  • Payment gateways: BrainTree, Stripe, Google, PayPal, FirstData,
  • WordPress (theming, plugin development, maintenance) (5 years).
  • Version Control: Github , Bitbucket) (8  years),  subversion (10 years).
  • Test Driven Development –Selenium, PYUnit, Jasmine, Mocha, JUnit, PHPUnit (6 years)
  • UX, UI – building and architecting user friendly interfaces (5 years)
  • Project Management: Jira, Trello, Bitbucket, Github, Basecamp, FogBugz, Intuit (9 years)
  • Adobe CS (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, After Effects) (10 years).



  • English (full fluency)
  • Russian (full fluency)
  • Hebrew (full fluency)


HAIFA UNIVERSITY, ISRAEL (1999) – B.SC, Major in Math with second major in Computer Science



Solutions Architect                                                 July 2018 – Now

  • Architected, developed, documented and designed data pipelining solutions.
  • Designed, architected and developed Airflow DAGs, operators, sensors, custom plugins.
  • Performed major migrations of Flask projects into dockerized versions. Handled Docker orchestration, chose technology stacks, negotiated features, use cases and deliverables with stakeholders.
  • Documented and managed migration and development process of Airflow Data Pipelines using Airflow DAGs.
  • Designed, developed and architected Celery tasks and asynchronous architectures for
    diverse corporate applications.
  • Architected, developed and maintained Single Sign On features using Okta, Freshdesk.
  • Monitored and designed Docker/Linux infrastructure. Architected, designed and maintained CI/CD with Bitbucket Pipelines.

Environment:Apache Airflow, Flask, SQLAlchemy, PostgreSQL, Nginx/Gunicorn, Python3, Redis, Docker, Celery, Pandas, Kubernetes, AWS, Scala, Spark, Bitbucket Pipelines.


Senior Developer                                                  July 2017 – July 2018

  • Built a marketplace platform, using Tornado/Django/Celery. Implemented currency and parallelism features (concurrent.futures, asyncio, Celery, RQ, multiprocessing).
  • Architected, designed and developed schema and data model for the platform.
  • Implemented authorization service using JWT. Evaluated prospective use of JWT for SSO.
  • Performed extensive business analysis on the deliverables, deadlines, resources, skills, prioritized features and technical tasks.
  • Implemented infrastructure, performed DevOps tasks (CI, CD) using Jenkins, Docker, Ansible, Supervisor, Kibana.
  • Migrated and configured earlier versions into new infrastructure, codebase and schema.
  • Performed legacy data migrations and backups, schema upgrades and maintenance using Pewee, MySQL, yoyo-migrations, Pickle
  • Integrated Braintree Payments into the platform
  • Implemented third party integration for TaxJar, Twillio
  • Performed load and bootstrap time optimizations using data type optimization, schema normalization, Redis optimizations.
  • Designed integration layer using gRPC, Celery, RQ.

Environment:Tornado, Django, Flask, SQLAlchemy, MySQL, PostgreSQL, gRPC, Digital Ocean, AWS (EC2, S3, ELB, VPC, CloudFront, Elasticache, Elastic Search), Ansible, Nginx/UWSGI/Gunicorn, Python, Redis, Docker, Celery, RQ


Python Developer / Solutions Architect                                                January 2015 – July 2017

Art Revolution

  • Built a Django Rest Framework – based social platform, utilizing Django Rest Framework
  • Architected, designed and developed schema and data model for the platform – Django
  • Implemented signal-based message queueing using Redis MQ
  • Implemented social networking oauth2 integration (Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus)
  • Implemented infrastructure, performed DevOps tasks (CI, Deployment Pipeline) using – EC2, S3, ELB, RDS, Ubuntu configuration and monitoring, Munin, Supervisor, Redis MQ, Ansible, Fabric, Docker.
  • Migrated and configured earlier versions into new infrastructure, codebase and schema.
  • Implemented media storage an image processing using Django, Go and S3/CloudFront.
  • Built image processing tools using Go.
  • AI, Machine learning – Performed Image Processing Research for image classifier deep learning network built with Theano , Keras.
  • Data Science – Built analytical visualization graphs, performed data analysis using –

Pandas, SciPy, matplotlib, Pandas-DRF , D3, Scrapy, Scikit-Learn, D3.

  • Performed legacy data migrations and backups, schema upgrades and maintenance.
  • Integrated Brantree Payments Marketplace into the platform
  • Implemented UPS, USPS and DHL integration (Python, SUDS)
  • Built a Django Rest Framework-based API providing robust and clean integration of restful JSON endpoints into the client layer (React.JS)
  • Performed load and bootstrap time optimizations using data types optimization, schema normalization, PgPoolII and PgBouncer clustering.


Environment:  Django, Go, Postgres, AWS (EC2, S3, ELB, VPC, CloudFormation, Elasticache), Ansible, Nginx/uwsgi, Python, Redis, Docker.


Signetcs                                                                         Jan. 2014 – Dec 2014                                                                         Client: GEICO

  • Built a B2B integration infrastructure utilizing Python, suds SOAP, Node.js.
  • Developed a SOAP- based vendor booking API – a set of corporate endpoints for requests and responses handling, using Node.js, SOAP, Tornado, Twisted, Redis 
  • Built an architecture of the business integration.
  • Built a tcp/redis based job handling functionality
  • Data Science – performed log analysis using AWK, Python, Pandas, D3. Built models and performed dataset analysis in terms of those models.
  • Configured and programmed system security with Kerberos/OpenSSL/Node.js/Tornado
  • System administration – General CentOS configuration, Munin, Supervisor, Redis, Celery, Fabric

Environment:  Node.js, Nginx, Python 2.7, МySQL, Redis, Tornado, Twisted, SOAP, TCP,                    Rails 4, Ruby 2.


CPX INTERACTIVE                                                Sep. 2013 – Dec. 2013                                                                         Client: CPX

  • Built a feed aggregating RESTful API, allowing client application to consume feed JSON data.
  • Designed and implemented the backend infrastructure (Django, Tornado, Redis)
  • Developed the API platform, Django Rest Framework, Twitter API, Facebook API
  • Worked on the architecture, functional specs, user stories

Environment:   nginx/Gunicorn/uwsgi, Python 2.7, Django, PostgreSQL, Redis, Tornado, AWS.


DRUPAL / PHP CONSULTANT                                                                            May 2013 – Aug 2014

Northpoint Solutions                                                                                                                                                         Client: Rotary International

  • Took part in the redesign of Rotary International Community site – a large scale community site featuring intranets, clubs, map-based club search, group-specific content
  • Utilized the full stack of Drupal technology.
  • Took leading part in development of several custom modules.
  • Utilized Organic Groups to implement group membership functionality
  • Utilized Pathauto/i18n to implement internationalization
  • Used Drush/Features to export reusable configurations
  • Performed theming tasks – exporting and theming views, theming pages, email messages, working with SASS and Compass
  • Utilized Form API, webform, Drupal mail, features, taxonomies to implement form interfaces.
  • Implemented SOAP integration of the third party APIs – Netforum, Okta
  • Worked extensively with Google Maps API, GeoIP to implement the club search and location logic


Environment:   Drupal 7,  Acquia Cloud, Netforum VPN

 DRUPAL / PHP CONSULTANT                                                                           Feb 2013 – May 2013

Analog Method

Client: SeaTow

  • Performed code refactoring and optimization
  • Developed custom modules using Google Maps API and GeoIP to implement locations of the sea teams available
  • Performed theming tasks – theming views, pages, email messages
  • Utilized Form API, webform, Drupal mail, features to implement interactive form interfaces, including multistep registration, contact forms, inquiry forms and more.
  • Implemented SOAP integration of the e-commerce features – box membership (a onetime payment bonus feature for members).
  • Performed debugging and maintenance tasks using Drush
  • Was using Agile development using Trello, FogBugz, Basecamp, github

       Environment:   Drupal 7, Rackspace Cloud


PHP 5 / DRUPAL WEB DEVELOPER / FREELANCER                                          Feb. 2009 – Dec. 2014

Development and maintenance of the following web sites

(Drupal, PHP 5, Flash, JavaScript):  (WordPress)   (РHP, JavaScript)     (Drupal 6) – worked as a freelanced Drupal 6 developer to utilize a non-profit organization site, utilizing Ubercart to accept public donations. Implemented several custom modules customizing Ubercart-based donation process and user membership functionality.                                                                                                


J2EE SOFTWARE DEVELOPER                                                                                              1/05 – 02/2009

Company: Algorithmic Creations LLC (New York,NY)                                                                       Client: ClickandBuy  , Cologne, Germany

  • Took extensive part in Object Oriented Design and Development of the newly migrated payment processing platform, including architecture and design with MagicDraw UML tool, Eclipse 6,BluePrints documentation, technology selection etc. Performed integration tasks (web-services, customer information APIs – listings, prices and other info).
  • Took part in a development of corporate site, built on Drupal 6 platform, involving module development, theming, taxonomy and group administration, CCK and Views development, modules development.
  • Performed diverse integration tasks for APIs, involving web services (customer confirmation API – listing, prices, and other customer-specific info) using Axis 1.4. Used Axis 1.4 to integrate 3rd party components into payment system.
  • Performed MySQL 5/Oracle 10g/Hibernate 3 back-end development and schema management

Environment:   J2EE, Spring 2.5, JSF, Hibernate, Axis, MySQL, Oracle 10g, Tomcat 6.0.18,PHP 5.2, Apache Tomcat, google tools, PayPal API, JavaScript (JQuery).                                   



J2EE CONSULTANT                                                                                              2 / 03 – 12/ 04

Project: Corporate Library Management System                                                         

Company: Galantis Inc., Costa Mesa, CA ( ,  Client: FileNet .     

  • Implemented server-side logic using DFC/Documentum WDK 5.1: Records Automation, Lifecycle definition and management, storing/retrieval/sending/versioning/rendition of document objects using XML/XSL web content publishing
  • Implemented back-end using PL/SQL/java stored procedures/JDBC/EJB logic on Oracle 9.2
  • Implemented presentation logic (JSP,Webtop)
  • Integrated newly designed / implemented functionality into existing system components using JMS/MOM/TIBCO.
  • Performed debugging/deployment with JUnit, Ant, Tomcat 5, Weblogic 8.1

Environment:   J2EE, Weblogic 8.1, Documentum 5.1/FileNet P8 3.5/ Linux.                                        


J2EE Analyst/Developer                                                                                     01/02 – 02/ 03

Project: Ticket selling/entertainment event planning system

Company:  QA Solutions, New York,    Client : eTicket ,PA

  • Performed the initial requirements analysis ,Use Case defining, Sequence / Class Diagrams analysis
  • Designed/Developed/Deployed the Business Logic/ Application Specific Business Components / Security / Transactions management for the project (Web Services /RMI/JTA/EJB 2/ JDBC/SQLJ /JMS/JAXM/SOAP/ WSDL/ LDAP) – Session Management, Authentication/ Authorization / Personalization / Pricing / Payment Processing/Internationalization/Security
  • Implemented GUI and it’s connectivity with business logic –

Swing / JFC / Droplets / XSLT / Tag Libraries / Servlets / Jakarta Struts 1.1/Tomcat, EJB 2

  • Built secure messaging middleware with JAXM/SOAP/JMS/ MQSeries
  • Designed and developed Backend components / JDO,DAO,CMP/BMP/ WAS 5/ DB2
  • Worked on Inventory, Purchasing, Order Management–MOM/JMS,EJB 2,DB2
  • Worked on maintenance/debugging (Ant/JUnit) of the project.

Environment:  WebSphere  5 Platform/MQSeries/DB2 UDB/  IBM WebSphere Interchange Server / IBM RequisitePro / WSAD 5 / ClearCase/ ClearQuest/Windows 2000/ AIX