How it works

– We will have an initial discussion. During this discussion we’ll cover your product’s
idea, the pains, the resources available, the vision and the philosophy of what is going
to be built.

– I’ll propose a technology stack and the roadmap – through discussion we’ll cover
all the cons and pros of the available solutions, the timing, the deliverables and
the requirements.

– I’ll draft requirements and discuss them with you. Throughout the process of compiling
requirements (both functional and non-functional) we’ll discuss the architecture, I
will suggest specific architectural solutions, will conduct Business Analysis, Risk
assessment and provide some diagrams – minimal yet comprehensive.

– Once the Roadmap is closed, we’ll start working on MVP (or migration) – I use Slack
for interaction, so we’ll set up a Slack channel to make communication more interactive
and more efficient.

– We’ll conduct either virtual (through Google Hangout or Skype) or personal meetings
on per need base.

– Once the requirements analysis and architecture phase is over, we’ll start building the
project to and release it into production on the terms and within timing limits as agreed.

I’m looking forward mutually productive and joyful collaboration with you.