• Art Revolution

    Art Revolution is an online platform allowing artists to upload, showcase and sell their artworks and prints. The platform is…

  • Bus Stop

    Bus Stop – a virtual reality snapshot built in 3D Studio Max, rendered using V-Ray renderer and produced using Adobe…

  • Grinberg & Segal Matrimonial

    Django platform for Grinberg & Segal Matrimonial Division. The project allows social sign up (Vue, Django), personal dashboard management, payments,…

  • seatow


    SeaTow is a Drupal project featuring complex functionality such as GPS, Clustering, Dynamic Map and more. Implemented using Drupal 7,…

  • Rotary International

    Rotary International is a Drupal 7 platform developed for Rotary International, a linkedin-style community of professionals and managers from all…

  • Covenant House

    Covenant House is a Drupal platform for non-profit, serving communities in need. It’s built using Drupal 7 and deployed at…

  • Grinberg and Segal Logo

    Grinberg and Segal Logo. Performed in 3DS Max, After Effects. Tweet

  • HighCap Group Logo

    HighCap Group Logo – designed and produced in 3DS Max, Adobe After Effects Tweet

  • Tutoring Planet

    Tutoring Planet

    Tutoring Planet is a 3D animation designed and produced with 3D Studio Max and Adobe After Effects. V-Ray renderer used.…

  • city sky

    City Sky

    City Sky is a Flash/After Effects Intro Tweet