Flask Projects

You know you want it at scale, you know the benefits of microservice architecture and you’re passionate about APIs, portability and scaling. Flask is your way to go whenever you have an idea of a microservice architecture, you have time and resources to build microservices that will scale and grow with your organization.


Django Projects

The budget is tight, the time is precious, and the MVP needs to be presented to the VCs and angel investors as soon as possible – then Django is the way to go. Using Python as its language, Django is one of the most robust and powerful monolithic frameworks out there. My Django experience is there for you to make your next dream real.


Go Projects

In many projects scaling matters– you need near-C asynchronous performance with the convenience of third party libraries, ease of deployment and powerful features. You need it at scale, robust, powerful and asynchronous. In cases like this Go is one of the best choices. My Go experience and knowledge will help you to utilize your most ambitious plans.



No matter how large or ambitious your project is, you always want to be ahead and at scale with the best tools in the cloud. Great infrastructure is the reflection of great organization, great human cooperation and efficient communication. Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Ansible, Teraform, Salt, ELK will make it real.


Artificial Intelligence

Bring some intelligent features to your platform. Use NLP, Deep Learning, Agent Systems to implement your Chat Bots or dialogue systems, stand out of the crowd by innovating, delegating the AI to solve the most sophisticated tasks, put yourself ahead of the competitors by providing intelligent solutions with Python, Tensorflow, Keras, and more.


Natural Language Processing

Making sense of human language and dialogue management, building speech generation software, reach new horizons with NLP. If you have an NLP solution you can better understand, support and serve your clients, you’re ahead of the competitors. Having an NLP means you talk you your clients 24/7, they are happy and come back for more.


Agent Systems

Agents are smart programs (bots) capable of doing a range of useful jobs for you. They are AI-based helpers that never get tired, they are never biased. Agent work when you sleep, they’re always there for your clients to get the best service any time, anywhere and with high quality. Build your next agent system with me.


Image Processing

It might be easy to dismiss, but the fact is that each and every image you upload, or download, has tons of useful data in it. Data you’re better to take advantage, analyze, extract, save and reuse. Put image recognition to serve your goals. I have a good experience processing image data, using image classifiers, AI solutions for imagery.